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Mivi Duopods M20 Review – 5 Amazing Features of Mivi DuoPods M20

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Mivi Duopods M20 Review
Heyy Music Lovers, you might be aware of every new earbud launching in the market. Have you Heard of Mivi DuoPods M20? You may or may not be. This Mivi Duopods M20 is launched in the market and music lovers are enjoying it to the fullest.

Mivi Duepods M20 Review

Mivi is an Indian Brand. It is Proudly Made in India. They have successfully launched their products and they are successful in making a name in Indian Earphone Market. Their Wireless Bluetooth earphones are loved by every Indian. They have recently launched Mivi Duopods M20. Here is the review of Mivi Duopods M20.

Mivi Duopods M20 have got thousands of sales in Amazon, Flipkart and Mivi Website. These earbuds have got many 5 Star ratings Too. So, it is highly recommended that you should buy the Mivi Duopods M20 Now !!


Mivi DuoPods M20 Price

You can buy this amazing earbud from Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and the official Mivi Website. The Prices will vary on every website. the official price of Mivi Duopods M20 is 2,499 Rupee. But you can get it at a cheaper price from other shopping websites.

You can get it for 1,999 Rupees from Flipkart, !499 from Amazon, and 1,999 from Snapdeal. however, the price on their official website is 2,499 Rupees. There is another way to get this at a cheaper rate.

You can wait for Flipkart Big Billion days, Amazon Prime Day, and festive seasons. the prices drop to a very extent.  You may take that opportunity and buy these headphones at a low cost.

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Specifications of Mivi Duopods M20

General Specifications of Mivi Duopods M20

Brand Mivi
Model M20
Type  Headphone
Connectivity Bluetooth (Wireless)
Used for IOS + Android


Sound Specification of Mivi Duopods M20

Sound Quality Great (4/5)
Deep Bass Excellent (5/5)


Features of Mivi Duopods M20

Bluetooth Range 10 Meters
Bluetooth version 5.0 Bluetooth Version
Microphone Quality Excellent (5/5)
Water Resistance Non-Water resistance
Foldable Non-Foldable
Monaural No
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Battery Life 20 Hours Continuously


Extra Features of Mivi Duopods M20

Warranty  1 Year Warranty
Warranty Type Manufacturer Warranty
Covered in Warranty Manufacturer Defect
Not Covered in Warranty Physical Damage
Packaging Comes with a charging Capsule, 2 Earpods, Charging Cable, User Manual
Inline Remote No Inline Remote


Mivi Duopods M20 Review (Personal)

I have bought Mivi Duopods M20 for Myself too. Personally, I enjoy using it. The sound quality is awesome. It feels like nothing is there in my Ears. The earbuds are so Soft. You will never feel disgusting using it for long hours.

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I have used other products of Mivi like Mivi M40. Mivi M40 is way better than M20. Mivi M40 is like the upgraded version of Mivi DuoPods M20. Here are the X-Factors I like about Mivi:

  1. It is very comfortable.
  2. The Sound Quality is Amazing.
  3. You can use it for Long Hours. Your ears won’t Hurt. (It is not recommended to use an earphone for Long Hours)
  4. The Bass is Awesome.
  5. The earbuds are soft.
  6. You will feel amazing listening to 8D Songs.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How to connect 2 different Mivi M20 earbuds to a single phone?

A Mivi Earbuds Case contains 2 earbuds, that is one pair. YOu can connect that two earbuds with Bluetooth on a single phone. You will get a user manual for that. NUt connecting those is very via Bluetooth.


How to connect my Mivi Duopods M20 with television?

Yes. YOu can connect Mivi Duopods M20 with your television. But there are certain conditions which are to be met. Your television must be android to your Set Top Box must have the option of Bluetooth Connection.


Which cases are compatible with Mivi  M20?

It is recommended to use only the Case given by Mivi for those earpods. However, you can use other cases but you have to make sure that the current Input and current output are the same. As it may damage your Earpods.


Mivi Duopods M20 VS Boat Airdrops 121 which is best?

Both Mivi Duopods M20 and Boat Airpods 121 have their own Unique Features. The price of the Boat is a little higher than Mivi Earpods. Rest every feature is more or less the same.


What is the Bluetooth connection timeout time of Mivi M20 earbuds?

This error comes when the two devices cannot pair on Bluetooth. If you are facing this issue then you can Turn off your device and Mivi Duopods then turn on those and connect. It will work.


What is the input current voltage for charging the Mivi Duopods M20 case?

The Input Current Voltage for Mivi Duopods M20 is 5 Volts.


Which have good bass Realme buds 2 or Mivi M20?

According to my Realme Buds, 2 has a great bass than Mivi M20. The Price is comparatively high. As the prices are high then the quality will also be high.


Which are better earbuds between Mivi M20 and Boat 420?

Mivi M20 is far better than Boat 420. But in some aspects Boat, 420 is better than Mivi. See, the prices make a huge difference. The one which is branded and has a high cost will always have good features.


Will Mivi Duopods M20 connect to Moto G5s plus?

Yes Mivi Duopods M20 will connect to every device that has a Bluetooth connection. You can easily connect to Moto G5s Plus via Bluetooth. However, you will get a guidebook for that.


Can I record audio through Mivi Duopod M20?

Yes, You can. Mivi Duepod M20 comes with a noise cancellation mic. Hence, you can have a better quality audio record.

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