May 22, 2022

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Is Dramacool Safe, Legit? 5 Things to Focus

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Is Dramacool Safe

Is Dramacool Safe, Is Dramacool legit, Dramacool Review

So, if you are a true Korean Drama fan, Japanese Drama, Chinese Drama fan then you may have heard of Dramacool. Obviously, you might have heard of it. But the main question is, Is Dramacool Safe? Is Dramacool legit?

So here we will be talking about the safety of Dramacool, its legitimacy, and your privacy in Dramacool.

Note: We are committed to delivering the most genuine and authentic information. We are an independent body. We aim to solve your problem. Hence, we are not recommending you to start using Dramacool nor stop using it. We are neutral. We are just telling you the facts. This is an Awareness Post.


What is Dramacool?

Dramacool is basically a video streaming platform. They stream movies, web series, and various dramas. If you ever browse through their site then you will notice that they stream only Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Indian Dramas.

Dramacool has a huge audience base. Whenever a show releases they stream it on their website. They cover dramas of every genre.

However, if you are an English-speaking person then you will have no issue using Dramacool. They have enabled English Subtitles. Hence, you will find no difficulty using it.


Is Dramacool Safe?

Here comes the main Question, Is Dramacool Safe? To continue with it let us first understand its motive. We all know Dramacool is Free, but have you ever thought about why they are streaming the popular dramas for free??

Nothing is free nowadays. There is always a motive behind free stuff. It is true that this website is appropriate for all ages.

You will find ads on these websites. It is transparent that this website earns by showing ads. Some similar video streaming websites show popup ads and some of those are not meant for all ages. But in Dramacool you will not find any ad inappropriate for any age.

But here is the catch you may not notice. Not all ads displayed in Dramacool are safe. They may seem appropriate but when you click on an ad you may receive some malware on your device. And this malware may harm your device badly and this may have a severe impact on your device.

Hence it is recommended that you should not click on any ad while streaming.

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Is Dramacool legit?

Now, you have got the answer to Dramacool Safety. Here comes the question, Is Dramacool Legit? Okay, so let me answer this in a detailed way.

If you are using Dramacool for a long then you may find that the site URL is frequently changed. Have you ever thought of the reason behind it? Don’t you think something is fishy?

Yes, it is. Dramacool is not a legit site. They stream pirated dramas, web series, and shows.  They download it from the legal streaming sites and upload it on their own server.

So, you tell me. When a media house production is making a show investing a huge amount of money then why will they present it to the audience free of cost..?? They will obviously charge an amount. Hence, Dramacool is not legit.


Is using Dramacool Legal?

So, till now you have learned about Dramacool’s legitimacy. Now we will be talking, is Dramacool Legal? The straightway answer is NO. Dramacool is not legal. They are subjected to Copyright Infringement.

They don’t have any right to stream shows on their website. They occasionally receive DMCA from media house companies for Copyright Act. they are also banned in many countries.

Many countries have banned Dramacool for this. Dramacool does not follow the guidelines issued by countries for safe, internet browsing. So, many countries have banned this site.

Not only Dramacool but also its similar sites like Dramago, KissAsian, etc are not legal and are banned in many countries. Hence, we do never recommend you to stream these pirated websites by any means.

However, you can watch your favorite movies, dramas, web series from the legal websites or which the media publications support.

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Privacy on Dramacool

It can be stated that your details are not safe on a pirated website. They might do anything with your details. We have seen many cases where sites tend to sell your Personal details. Hence, it is recommended that you should not use Dramacool.


How to stay safe in Dramacool?

To stay safe in Dramacool follow these simple methods:

Method 1: Always use a VPN while visiting an illegal website. Using VPN your IP Address will be changed and you will remain anonymous. Nobody can ever trace your location. We always recommend using a trusted and reliable VPN for your safety.

Method 2: Do not click on any ad you see. Ads may seem appropriate but nobody knows the motive behind them. Moreover, it is an illegal site, so you should never trust anything you see.

Method 3: Always use Antivirus Softwares on your device. Scan your device occasionally for any malware. It is also a safe practice to remain safe.

Method 4: Don’t visit these pirated illegal websites. Instead, use paid services or OTT Platforms to stream your desired show like Netflix.



Dramacool is not a legit website. Content is pirated and ads may have malware in them. Now think you have got the answer of, Is Dramacool Safe. We recommend our readers to stay away from this website and use paid and trusted OTT Platforms. If you have enjoyed our Awareness post then please do share with your mates for spreading awareness.


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