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How to Evolve Swirlix: Pokemon Go Guide

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How to evolve Swirlix

If you love to play Pokemon Go games, then you might be interested to know about How to evolve Swirlix and Spritzee. These Pokémon have exceptional requirements for succeeding from their basic forms, with Swirlix being the most naive of the two.

Cotton Candy Pokémon Swirlix has officially arrived in Pokémon Go, accompanied by a slew of Fairy-themed activities.

With the Luminous Legends X event, which began on May 4 and marked the arrival of the famous Pokémon Xerneas, this Kalos-native Pokémon holds the position of others. Swirlix, who first appeared in Pokémon X, is reported to tie its foes in battle with white threads that resemble cotton candy.

The secret to this Pokémon’s evolution is Swirlix’s appetite. Initially, it should be one of your Buddy Pokémon that you can modify by taking the Buddy icon from the menu and navigating to the bottom. Then, while watching it on the play menu, you must offer Swirlix 25 goodies, regardless of their nature. Once these requirements are met, Swirlix will have the chance to develop into Slurpuff—as long as you have 50 Swirlix Candies.

How to evolve Swirlix

Swirlix needs 50 Swirlix treats to evolve into Slurpuff (its final form), however, Pokémon Go also states that you should “Adventure together to evolve.” That’s largely true, but preparing Swirlix for evolution is surprisingly simple: all you have to do is serve it 25 snacks.

You need to pick out Swirlix as your Buddy Pokémon and feed it 25 Pinap Berries, Nanab Berries, or Razz Berries to evolve it and play with your favorite Pokemon. Don’t worry. you don’t have to nurture it like a regular pet; simply feed it 25 treats in a row, simultaneously, for all Swirlix’s sake.

How to Evolve Swirlix

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After that, simply tap the “Evolve” button, and you’re done! You’ll be able to control your own Slurpuff in combat!

Swirlix can be found in various regions, but it can also be found by 

  • ending the Luminous Legends X Timed Research, 
  • two event-specific Field Research objectives (“Acquire 10 Fairy-type Pokémon” in addition to “Make use of 7 berries to help in the capture of Pokémon”), or 
  • gestating 7 Kilometer Eggs. 

This Pokemon may not appear to be a fighter, but when employed appropriately, it can assist players in getting out of tricky situations. Players should learn Swirlix’s best move set, weaknesses, and other characteristics to get the most out of this Pokemon.

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Here is the detailed guide on How to Evolve Swirlix. If you have any doubt, then do comment below. We will try to solve your doubt.

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