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How To Evolve Inkay in Pokemon GO

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The new Psychic and Dark types squid-like Pokémon Inkay, as well as Malamar, emerged during the Pokémon GO Psychic Spectacular 2021 Event, making them the latest additions to Pokémon GO. You may want to know How to evolve Inkay. Some gamers will be attempting to grow Inkay into Malamar but now the Kalos area’s Inkay has formally made its first appearance in Pokemon Go – but there’s an exceptional approach you need to master initially.

How To Evolve Inkay in Pokemon GO

When Inkay reaches Level 30, it evolves into Malamar and gets leveled up while the player holds their system (in this example, their Switch) upside down in games like Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Inkay has a unique evolutionary process that is unlike anything we’ve seen before in Pokémon GO. This is a fast tutorial on how to get Inkay and Malamar in Pokémon GO, as well as how to evolve Inkay.

During the Pokémon GO Psychic Spectacular 2021 Event, Inkay can be captured in the following ways:

  • In the open areas
  • From one-star raids to multi-star raids
  • From a photobomb (once per day)
  • accomplishing the timed research challenge
  • completing tasks related to field research

Players who played Pokémon X and Y may recall that the only method to develop Inkay into Malamar was to switch their Nintendo DS system upside-down after it leveled.

Possibly one of the best techniques to evolve Inkay. 

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Malamar’s evolution criteria are as follows:

  • You’ll need 50 Inkay Candy to complete this task.
  • Invert your phone and tap on evolve button.
  • Yes, you must turn your phone so that the screen is upside down.

Set any phone orientation lock you may have on or off if you’re having trouble getting your phone to identify that it’s upside down. It’s also possible that you’ll need to relaunch your game by quitting it and restarting it. Devices without gyroscopes are unable to evolve Inkay, but Niantic is trying to find a solution.

It’s the first of its sort in Pokémon Go, although it’s not a recent development in the Pokemon Game series. At the time Inkay first came up, then gamers had to grow the squid Pokemon by just holding their devices upside down.

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Here is the detailed guide on How to Evolve Inkay. If you have any doubt, then do comment below. We will try to solve your doubt.

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