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Honest EarnKaro Review – 5 Things that Make EarnKaro Different

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EarnKaro Review

The Craze of Online shopping is rising day by day. Do you know you can earn a great amount from this trend of Onlne Shopping? Yes, you can. Here comes the use of Earnkaro. Here in this post, I am gonna share the honest Earnkaro review.

You can easily earn from Earnkaro from the comfort of your home. You just have to share the top deals of Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and other companies with your friends. Is not it so amazing to earn from it? Many people are earning from it, and you can do it too.

Okay, let me make it more clear. Earning from Earnkaro is like earning from affiliate marketing. For those who don’t know, Affiliate Marketing is a process where you earn by promoting other people’s products, and when they purchase it, you get a commission. Earnkaro works in Affiliate Marketing Model.


Is EarnKaro Safe – Honest EarnKaro Review

So, I think you have got a brief idea of Earnkaro and how to earn from it. So, now I am going to share my personal opinion about EarnKaro as I am using it since February 2020. I got to know about Earnkaro from a Youtube Video that was promoting it.

I was shocked by the earning made by that YouTuber. This way I started using it. There are many affiliate programs available on the internet. So instead of Joining all those, it is better to have all of them under one platform. That is what Earnkaro Offers.

EarnKaro made my Affiliate Marketing Simple. Now, I can use promote Brand Deals from one platform. So, as per my personal opinion, EarnKaro is one of the best applications to earn money online from home. Hence, by now i think you have got the answer of, ” Is EarnKaro Safe ”

But, when there is an advantage there is a disadvantage too. Here I have shared the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Earnkaro Application.

You can Join EarnKaro now from here, Join EarnKaro


EarnKaro Pros and Cons: 

Advantages of Using EarnKaro: 

So, now let us know the major Advantages Of using EarnKaro for earning money online from Home. Here are the Pros of EarnKaro:

  1. You will get access to Major e-commerce brands like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, The Man Company, VediX, SkinKraft, Kapiva, TataCliq, and many more from one platform.
  2. Companies like Tata Cliq, Myntra, Jabong, etc do not let users sign up for their affiliate program. Hence earn Karl serves as a medium for you to be an affiliate for these websites.
  3. The Affiliate Commission structure is Appropriate to start with.
  4. They have great Customer Support. When you are stuck with a problem, they will help you out.
  5. The user interface is very friendly for a beginner to start affiliate marketing and earn from it.
  6. They take only 6-7 Business days to transfer you the amount you have earned through their app.
  7. The Minimum Withdrawl Amount is only 10 Rupees. Hence, you don’t have to get to the target to withdraw your money.

So these are the major Pros of using EarnAKro for earning money. Now let’s Talk About the Disadvantages.

Disadvantages of using EarnKaro:

I have personally felt this, so these Cons of EarnKaro may not seem like Disadvantages to you. So, here are the major Disadvantages of EarnKaro.

  1. The profit confirmation period is very high. Like it takes an average of 45-60 Days to confirm your Profit. However, the period may vary.
  2. They provide a redirect link to that affiliate product. Hence your Users may feel doubtful about the Product.
  3. Sometimes, they are unable to track the Profit made by you. You might feel very irritated by this.
  4. They do not have any API or WordPress plugin which makes it difficult for website developers to import products directly from Earnkaro.


Hey, do you know to write articles? If yes then there is a great opportunity. You can earn by writing Articles. If you are interested in money, then I would highly recommend you to Join Paid for Articles.

How to Join EarnKaro

Joining EarnKaro is not a Rocket Science. JOining EarnKaro Do not need any Documents. All you need is :

  1. A Mobile Phone or a Computer
  2. A Phone Number
  3. Bank Account Account to receive Payments

So, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. First, Download the Earnkaro Application from Playstore or App Store.
  2. Then Fill up with your Name, Mobile and Email Address
  3. You will receive an OTP in your Mobile No.
  4. Fill up the OTP
  5. congratulations! you are now an Earnkaro Member.

Now, after you do this make sure you check your Profile Details. You should set the traffic source in the settings. Then you have to set up your Payments Information. You just need your Bank Account Number and IFSC Code of that Respective Bank Branch. And you are done with all setup.

If you have an smartphone, then you earn good amount of money from home. You can read mobile se paise kaise kamaye to know all possible methods.

How to Create Profit Link in EarnKaro

Creating Profit Links in EarnKaro is very easy. There is nothing Complexity in this. You will see an option o Making Profit links on the Home Page of the Earnkaro Application. You will see that Option in the Buttom in EarnKaro Application and in the top in EarnKaro Website.

EarnKaro has many retailers in its program. And it is not possible to add every product in the EarnKaro Application form which you can directly get your Profit Link.

So, Earnkaro has introduced its Profit Link Making Option. This allows EarnKaro members to copy a product link of EarnKaro Retailer and paste it in the MAKE PROFIT LINK bar and generate its unique profit link.

Agar aap ghar baithe paisa kamana chahte hai to Paisa kamane wala app zaroor Dekhe…

EarnKaro Payment methods

You can withdraw your Profit easily. They have made this process very simple. Withdrawing Profits should never be a problem. They have kept this mind and developed their system.

You can easily withdraw your earnings from your Bank Account. It takes around 6-7 Days to get your earnings in your bank account. The minimum needed to withdraw is only 10 Rupees.

To withdraw your earnings you have to:

  1. Login to your EarnKaro application
  2. Go to the payments option
  3. Withdraw your Amount.

The withdrawal amount will be reflected in your bank account in 6-7 Days. You may see a greater amount in your dashboard but you can not withdraw all. You can only withdraw your profit amount. Other payments can be withdrawn upon successful confirmation.


How to Earn More from it?

Here comes the main part. There are many people who have earned in Lakhs from EarnKaro. You too can earn in Lakhs. You just need to make your brain think in a unique and effective way.

Here are the ways you can earn more from Affiliate Marketing:

1. Make a Website:

Yes, you heard it right. It is not that hard as you think. You can easily make a website through WordPress. You don’t need to learn to code. Now, let’s come to the main part.

You have to make a Website and promote affiliate products. This is the best method to earn more by affiliate Marketing. Here are the ways:

  1. Make a website.
  2. Write Reviews about the products.
  3. Write few powerful sentences that direct your readers to buy the product.
  4. Give your Profit Link at the end of your review.
  5. Do SEO Of your Article.

SEO helps your articles to rank your Article on google. When your article ranks you get views from google. That means you have to do nothing and you will get affiliate sales. That is amazing. It is like earning money while you are asleep.

2. Share on Whatsapp:

Yes, this is an effective way to earn more. You will share the product in your WhatsApp groups and with your friends. If your friend is interested and buys the product then you will earn a commission.

3. Share on Facebook and Instagram :

You should make a Facebook Page and Instagram Page to promote the products. It becomes easier for you to earn more when you do this. And when you have many Instagram followers and Facebook page followers it is super easy for you to earn money. Just select your product and promote it. It is that simple.

4. Make a Youtube Channel :

You can make a youtube channel and make a review video of your daily used products. What you have to do is leave your profit link in the description and tell viewers to purchase it. Many will eventually Purchase it. And hence you will earn.

Do you have a Google Play balance left in your account? You can easily transfer Google Play balance to your Bank Account or UPI.


EarnKaro Referral System: 

EarnKaro provides a great Referral system. You can earn huge from their referral system. The best part is, you will earn 10% of the amount earned by your Referee. This is a great method to earn huge from this platform.

Here is a way by which you can earn huge from their referral program:

  1. Tell your friends about EarnKaro.
  2. Share with them your referral link.
  3. When they install the app you can see that in your dashboard.
  4. Tel them to shop from there as they will too get profits.
  5. Bingo! When they get the profit you will too get a 10% from that.


Frequently Asked Questions :

Is EarnKaro safe?

Yes, EarnKari is totally safe. Many have used EarnKaro to earn money. I have used it, and this is an honest review I did about EarnaKaro.


How much can you earn from EarnKaro?

You can earn any amount of money you want to earn from EarnKaro. It all depends on the hard work you do to earn money. There are people who earn even lakhs from EarnKaro.


Is EarnKaro and CashKaro same?

No, EarnKaro and CashKaro are not the same. The main company which operates is same. CashKaro is mainly for those who want to earn cashback from online shopping and earnakro is for those who want to earn from affiliate marketing. The earning method is the same.

EarnKaro needs 10 Rupees to withdraw whereas CashKaro needs 200 Rupees to withdraw.


Does EarnKaro support Amazon?

Yes, EarnKaro supports Amazon. EarnKaro supports many major brands like Flipkart, Ajio, Mantra, Vedix, Kapiv, and many more. It also supports digital product selling platforms like GoDaddy, Udemy, Hostgator, etc.


How do I add my bank details to EarnKaro?

It is very simple to add Bank Details in EarnKaro. Follow these steps:

  1. Open EarnKaro application.
  2. Go to your Account Section.
  3. Then go to payment settings.
  4. Add your Bank Details like Account Holder Name, Bank Account and IFSC Code.
  5. And you are done.


How do I become an AJIO affiliate?

You can not directly join Ajio Affiliate Program. Instead, you can join Affiliate Programs that support Ajio. Examples of such programs are EarnKAro, Cuelinks, etc.


Which one is better CashKaro or EarnKaro?

There are certain differences between Cashkaro and EarnKaro. The main difference is CashKaro needs 200 minimum amount to withdraw the amount in your bank account whereas EarnKaro needs only 10 Rupees to withdraw.


How to rejoin EarnKaro app with this number?

It is very simple. Just download the EarnKaro application. Then log in with your same mobile number.


How anyone gave their bank accounts information to Earnkaro app for the first time?

EarnKaro is a trusted company. So you can give your Bank Account without worry.


Is EarnKaro fraud?

No. EarnKareo is not a fraud. Many people have earned money. And you too can earn. Just join earnkaro and promote the products, you will earn huge money. You can join EarnKaro from here, Join EarnKaro.


How to unsubscribe

If you no longer want to be an EarnKaro Member, simply uninstall the app. YOu will not receive any notification. You can also unsubscribe from their mailing list if you wnt want to re=ceive promotional and offer emails from them.




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